All of the cols can be accessed from the lodge on loop rides of 50 to 100+ km.

NameDepartureLength climbMin. heightMax. heightAverage %
Col d’Agnes Aulus les Bains 10.2 km744m1.570m8.1%
Col d’Agnes Massat17.6 km649m1.570m5.2%
Col de la CoreAudressein17.5 km510m1.395m5.1%
Col de la CoreSeix13.8 km510m1.395m6.4%
Col de la CrouzetteD 177 - D 1811.2 km516m1.241m3.5%
Col de la CrouzetteBiert8.4 km589m1.241m7.8%
Col de LatrapeSérac5.9 km688m1.112m7.2%
Col de LatrapeAulus les Bains5 km744m1.112m7.4%
Col de PéguèreLa Mouline18 km503m1.375m4.8%
Col de PéguèreMassat9.8 km649m1.375m7.4%
Col de PortMassat12.8 km649m1.250m4.7%
Col de PortD 8 - D 61817 km473m1.250m4.6%
Col de PortelBiert12.3 km590m1.432m6.8%
Col de Portet d'AspetAudressein18.14 km512m1.069m3.1%
Col de SaraillèCominac9.2 km527m942m4.5%
Col de SaraillèBiert5.4 km589m942m6.5%
Col de SaraillèMassat8.8 km645m942m3.4%
Guzet NeigeSeix23.7 km510m1.520m4.3%
Plateau de BeilleLes Cabannes15.8 km535m1.790m4.9%
Port de LersMassat16.6 km649m1.517m5.2%
Port de LersVicdessos11.5 km710m1.517m7%